Graphic Design 1

Using the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator I made four different border designs of varying difficulty.
This image used a variety of tools and strategies to form a very elegantly designed sign post. The wooden textures and the gradients give the image a lot more character by avoiding the full use of solid colors throughout the image, and the perspective tool allowed the creation of the 3D shaped cubes. Overall this project was a learning experience on how to properly use adobe illustrator and I think the overall product came out well.
I took inspiration from the 1992 Dracula Film cover art and decided to create what I thought the movie’s cover art would look like in 2020. A much more minimalist and modern take on a classic film in horror history. Using gradients, shaping, warping, texturing, and smudging, I made this poster hit close to home with the original cover art while still being independent.
Using Adobe Photoshop I created this poster that displays a few of the main principles of design. Using the shape tools, color overlays and gradients, along with the texture settings I made this very simple poster for the Elements of Design.

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