Illustrator Fundamentals: Module 7

Point and Area Text

In this lesson we are taught the difference between point text (top) and area text (bottom). Point text has a defined location to start writing in while area text has a restricted area to write in. Shown by the red + near the area text is the continuation of writing that can be shown in another designated area.

Character Panel

In this lesson, the instructor teaches us the basics of the character panel which allows us to modify the formation of letters in a sentence, this includes size, angles, line spacing, character distance, character width, etc.

Selecting Fonts

In this movie, we are shown how to change the font type on adobe illustrator text entities. A simple drop down menu in the character panel shows plenty of font types that will suit any situation.

Kerning and Tracking

In this lesson we learn how to change the distance between characters in full sentences using the tracking tool, which automatically brings all of the letters closer together, making more space and a compact sentence.

Paragraph Panel

In this lesson we learn how to use the paragraph panel in unison with the character panel to organize and format proper paragraphs.

Text Threading

In this movie, we learn about text threading. While using the area text tool, you run the risk of running out of space, luckily you can click the small red + to add an extra area text window with the remaining information on it.

Text on an Open Path

This lesson simply taught us how to apply writing on any open path, such as a curved line made with a pen tool.

Text on a Closed Path

This lesson was very similar to the open path practice, but this formation of text is made on a circle, or any full shape.

Convert Point Text to Area Text

This lesson teaches us how to modify the point text to area text and how to tamper with paragraphs using the character menu.

Touch Type

This lesson teaches us how to modify singular characters in the same text box, allowing us to make things like the mess shown above.

Vertical Type Tools

This lesson was extremely easy, we learn how to use the vertical typing tool and the benefits of using it in certain projects.

Creating Outlines

In this lesson, we learn how to add anchored outlines to text, allowing us to modify the shapes, sizes, and angles of individual letters.

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