Illustrator Fundamentals: Module 6 [Creating Artwork]

Start the Owl Illustration

In this lesson the instructor started the first steps of six total sessions to make a cartoon owl in Adobe Illustrator. Using only the ellipse tool and the pen tool to make the pointed ears and top of the head, we were able to make the base structure of our owl.

Create the Owl’s Eyes

Using a variety of circles and outlining techniques, we were able to add these very nice looking eyes to our owl base. We only had to use the ellipse tool on this step so it was fairly simple.

Draw the Owl’s Beak

In this movie, we used the pen tool to make a teardrop shaped object and put it onto our owl, giving it a nice and simple beak to finish up the head.

Add the Owl’s Body

In this movie, we used the ellipse tools to make ovals and modified them to fit the width of the owl’s head, giving it a stumpy body to put wings on.

Use the Pen Tool to Draw Wings

Using the pen tool we made a wing for our owl, very simple construction and an easy copy and paste to get the second wing on the opposite side.

Create the Legs

To top it all off, I used the blob tool to add small and thin legs to the owl to finish the drawing.

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