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Illustrator Fundamentals: Fills and Strokes

During this lesson the instructor described ways to use the line tool and editable factors to alter and change the shapes, colors, and extra additions such as fill and pattern to add variety to basic lines and closed shapes.

Pen Tool Practice

Using the pen tool on Adobe Illustrator I made four different border designs of varying difficulty.

Coco’s Chocolates Sign

This image used a variety of tools and strategies to form a very elegantly designed sign post. The wooden textures and the gradients give the image a lot more character by avoiding the full use of solid colors throughout the image, and the perspective tool allowed the creation of the 3D shaped cubes. Overall this… Continue Reading →

Movie Poster Remake

I took inspiration from the 1992 Dracula Film cover art and decided to create what I thought the movie’s cover art would look like in 2020. A much more minimalist and modern take on a classic film in horror history. Using gradients, shaping, warping, texturing, and smudging, I made this poster hit close to home… Continue Reading →

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